Are you feeling burned out from the past year?

Are you a caretaker finding yourself stretched to your limits? It’s not only the kindest thing we can do but also the most practical, to nurture our own well-being and mental health in the midst of so many overwhelming pressures and stresses like the raging Covid pandemic. Self-care and staying centered need to be recognized as essential life skills. After all, If we are falling apart and crumbling from undue stress, how can we be of service to others?

This workshop is for you if you feel burned out and overwhelmed by all our current challenges. Do you see yourself in one of these categories? (Just click here to register for a weekend of self-care!)

• Health care providers such as doctors, nurses, fitness coaches, acupuncturists, massage therapists, psychologists, chiropractors, etc.

• Essential services workers like firefighters.

• "Sandwich Generation” adults with children living at home and declining parents or an aging sibling nearby.

• Full-time workers who juggle major commitments.

• School teachers, childcare or eldercare workers, or daycare staff.

• Individuals that feel alone, alienated and depressed due to social isolation and distancing.

• Someone who has lost their home, their job, or a loved one.

• Artists or musicians that have lost their inspiration and opportunity to perform or be appreciated.

No matter which category we are in, we all feel the debilitating effects of prolonged stress. In addition, when all those around us are also under stress, there is a multiplying effect. Join us to explore basic self-care strategies to both help yourself and to enable you to better help others.



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