Staying Healthy While Working Remotely with Tai Chi ~ (Feb 2022)

If you began working remotely before or during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have noticed that much of your movement during work hours consists of walking to the kitchen and back. Just as with an in-person desk job, it’s important to find creative ways to burn calories, maintain good posture, and stay healthy. T'ai chi ch'üan, often called simply Tai Chi, is an ancient Chinese exercise that offers many health benefits, including excellent stretches for people who sit all day. The best part? You can do it in the privacy of your own home.

Ways to Combat Sitting All Day

Long periods of sitting are generally unhealthy for both body and mind, and can cause neck, shoulder, back, and hip strain and pain as well as weight gain and inflexibility. Here are some options that can help you stretch, strengthen, and realign your body throughout your work day.

Get Up and Move

It sounds obvious: if you sit all day for work, it’s important to take breaks in which you get up and move your body. Doing so can improve strength, balance, and even wakefulness. Choose some full-body Tai Chi exercises that you can do in the length of time you have for a break. You can find a free class on ideal movements here. You can also practice Tai Chi while walking.

Stand Properly

Many people use standing desks to burn a few extra calories and avoid sitting-related pain. However, it’s still easy to slouch or lean while standing for work, so it won’t help unless you do it mindfully. Periodically taking a moment to do Tai Chi standing meditations can significantly improve your posture and balance.

Sitting Exercises

Believe it or not, Tai Chi also offers exercises you can do while sitting. These work well for people with mobility problems, the elderly, and even those who simply want to practice healthier ways to sit. Some of the best stretches for sitting all day can be found on page 9 (labeled as page 7) here.


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