Richard Wilkinson

In 2010 I began studying  T’ai Chi at the New York School of T’ai Chi Chuan. I attended classes taught by Steve Schulman, Rick Brown, George Kormendi and Bernie Dushman. I became an apprentice in 2013 taking my B1 apprenticeship at Whidbey Island. Last year I joined the NY school's Board. As a Board member, I have focused on communicating and reaching out to current and former students; improving our school community. I'm helping our Board is currently planning the return of TCF Summer Training on the US east coast in Easthampton, Massachusetts in August.  

I had a 25-year career on Wall Street, working for several different firms, moving to New York in the 1990's.  I traded and managed traders in equity derivatives and retired in 2002.  I graduated in the liberal arts in 1975, and still informally study history, religion, and literature.  I serve on the boards of the FW Symmes Foundation in South Carolina and the Peekskill NY Rotary Foundation. I am proud to serve on The Foundation Board; my chance to pay back for the personal growth T’ai Chi has given me. Beyond my practice, I'm always moved to witness the transformation our students experience as they progress through the curriculum.