Sean O'Neill

I began my T'ai Chi journey in 1987.  I became a beginning teacher in 1996 and have been teaching T'ai chi since then. I love teaching T'ai Chi because I learn so much from teaching both from fellow teachers and students alike.  In 2003 with a fellow teacher established a new branch of the school (Suaimhneas School of T'ai Chi) on the north side of Dublin and have been involved in its running since then. I was significantly involved in the organising team for European Summer Training 2016 in Ireland.  The greatest gift T'ai Chi has given me (as taught via the wonderful curriculum of the T'ai Chi Foundation), is a method to relax, physically, mentally and emotionally and support my day-to-day health and life.  

In terms of my professional life I was working in Information Technology for 18 years before re-training and changing to my current profession of a Classical Five Element Acupuncturist in 2008.  My other current interests are Chess and Photography.

I am honoured to have been chosen to serve of the board of the T'ai Chi Foundation which feels like a happy return by way of expressing my gratitude for the personal growth T’ai Chi has given me.