“My experience at Whidbey 2014 was both joyful and transformative. I found myself falling in love all over again with both tai chi and the remarkable senior teachers who so much embody the principles of tai chi. The quality of the teachers and the teaching was unparalleled. I learned so much in push hands, actually guiding me to be a better person, in service to my partner.

As I have long been a member of the tai chi school, but with frequent lapses, I was reminded to use tai chi in my everyday movements and interactions with others. The teaching was compassionate and light-handed, and the venue! Oh the venue at Whidbey is gorgeous and nurturing, green and voluptuous. The food is a 15 out of a possible 10. The best I have ever had at a retreat or a training, with choices for everyone.

And of course I will return in 2015. I would not miss it for anything.”