Reduce Stress with Tai Chi & Qigong

Most people are aware that practicing Tai Chi regularly helps you to improve your overall physical health, strength, and balance. However, doing Tai Chi for stress reduction is highly beneficial for your mental health as well. In fact, many aspects of mental health are interlinked with physiological processes. Tai Chi can be an effective stress reducer, as it combines movement with mindfulness and can be a powerful way to promote health in both of these areas. Here’s how Tai Chi stress relief works.
How Does Tai Chi Help Reduce Stress?
Tai Chi and Qigong are safe and effective ways to exercise because they are low-impact physical activities that don’t put strain on the joints. They help to promote stress reduction with the use of smooth, flowing movements, stretches, and attention to the following:
• Mental focus
• Breathing
• Coordination
• Relaxation
Meditation is also an important part of Tai Chi and Qigong, and at least one study has shown that even brief sessions (25 minutes) of mindfulness meditation can reduce psychological strain. Participating in Tai Chi also reduces inflammatory markers, such as cortisol, that the body releases in response to stressors. This essentially helps to minimize the impacts of psychological tension on the body. Our school often teaches meditation at our in-person events and online.
The Mental Health Benefits of Reducing Stress with Tai Chi
Combined with a healthy lifestyle and regular practice, Tai Chi can help to reduce anxiety and depression as well as lower blood pressure. It can also improve mental clarity and brain elasticity, particularly in seniors. Tai Chi can even help you achieve a higher quality of sleep, especially if you’re an older adult whose sleep is frequently disrupted during the night. However, getting enough sleep is important for people of all ages, because sleep loss and deprivation are known to negatively impact memory, judgment, and mood. 
Manage Your Stress Levels - Take a TCF Class
You can get started on the path to reducing stress and achieving better overall health by finding a Tai Chi school near you or taking virtual classes. 
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