The Best Exercises to Prevent Falls By Nicholas Bakalar ~ (Mar 2019)

Here is an article from the NY Times. This article appears in print on Feb. 18, 2019, on Page D4 of the New York edition with the headline: Aging: Best Exercises to Prevent Falls.

The Best Exercises to Prevent Falls

Activities that required standing up rather than sitting, such as tai chi, were the most effective.

By Nicholas Bakalar

A large review of studies confirms that exercise can be a good way to help reduce the frequency of falls in the elderly.

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A testimonial from a student ~ (Feb 2019)

It delights me that the YMCA has added Tai Chi to its roster of classes. 
Tai Chi has given me a tried and true method of integrating mind - body - spirit.   As I am aging, I became acutely aware of my increased chances of falling, The Tai Chi practice is my antidote to this problem.  It keeps the mind juicy, the body responsive and the spirit young. 
It appears that we are doing very little, when in reality I am breaking a sweat in the first 15 minutes. 

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Tai Chi Books and Videos ~ (Dec 2018)

Tai Chi Books and Videos

Looking for a different sort of gift for a friend or loved one or even for yourself? While no book can replace learning tai chi in person from a teacher, reading about tai chi can be inspiring, and pictures can help you practice. Books on philosophy can increase your self-awareness. We also include a few videos that facilitate learning tai chi.


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