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Ongoing Tai Chi Classes for Beginners
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Free Support Classes for COVID
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Relaxation, Grace, Beauty

Upcoming Trainings and Tunings

Monthly Time in the Art - 3rd Monday of Month
What is Time in the Art? This term has been used in our school for many years to refer to a class with a particular focus of study. These monthly drop-in classes are an opportunity to learn various aspects of the 'art' of tai chi chuan, and develop skill through focused practice. Time in the Art classes have typically been taught at our in-person trainings as a way to bring students of all levels together collectively, and Zoom gives us the opportunity to replicate this for our online tai chi community. Let's study the Art of Tai Chi together!
Autumn Tai Chi Online Workshop-October 16 & 17
It’s not only the kindest thing we can do but also the most practical, to nurture our own well-being and mental health during so many overwhelming pressures and stresses like the raging Covid pandemic. Self-care and staying centered need to be recognized as essential life skills. After all, if we are falling apart and crumbling from undue stress, how can we be of service to others?