Studying with the Tai Chi Foundation By Margaret Olmsted ~ (Sep 2020)

Regular practice of tai chi and qigong can bring great health benefits: deeper relaxation, stronger legs, better posture, increased energy and more. And right now there are a variety of ways to study with us. More details are located on the home page of our website.


Free Weekly classes: The TCF offers free weekly classes in Roots and Branches Five Element Qigong™, a collection movements and positions from the tai chi form. Combined with self-massages, this energetic practice improves the circulation and balance of the body’s vitality. Qigong is both deeply effective and easy to learn. Beginners are welcome. Combined with internal focus, breathing and relaxation, qigong can have a deeply healing effect when practiced regularly. Classes are offered on Zoom.


Seasonal Tunings: In addition to weekly classes, we offer seasonal tunings during which we practice the qigong associated with the “element” of a season. These tunings start with an online Zoom session and then participants practice at home on their own. With over 200 people participating in each tuning, we are “attuned” to each other. And we align ourselves with the energy of the season. On September 12 we will start the Embrace the Earth Tuning and attune ourselves with the energy of late summer and get more grounded, relaxed and centered.


Fall Online Intensive: This past summer we had over 200 participants in our Summer Online Intensive. Teachers and students gathered on Zoom to practice qigong and another of our programs: The Eight Ways of Tai Chi Chuan™. This was a wonderful success and we are following this up with a fall intensive. New material will complete the Eight Ways and the Roots and Branches Five Element Qigong, begun during the summer. Material from the summer session will be available for review and all are welcome. Check out this link:


Teachable: We have started using an online, on-demand program called Teachable. The first 4 of the Eight Ways taught at the summer intensive are now available on it. If you register for the Fall Online Intensive you will receive a coupon for the program. The Eight Ways are tai chi distilled into 8 positions or movements that work with imagery and have application in our daily lives. Simple, yet deep. For students of all levels.


Time in the Art: New this fall, the TCF is offering a monthly class for all students. The cost is $10, free to members. The classes will meet the third Monday, at 1:00 pm EDT and start September 21. The first class will focus on the Principles of Tai Chi Chuan. Get on our mailing list to learn more.


Weekly form classes: This fall, new classes in the tai chi form will be starting up again. These classes are taught in our various locations around the world. Beginners are welcome to come and learn the form. Some locations have in-person classes and others use Zoom. Check out our website for locations near you and check the TCF website for regular updates.


We hope to see you in a class soon!


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