Tai Chi in the Time of Coronavirus! By Margaret Olmsted ~ (Apr 2020)

Tai Chi in the Time of Coronavirus!

By Margaret Olmsted


The world is experiencing a major challenge these days. In a time when people more than ever need a way to relax and build their immune systems, we are asked to stay home and physical-distance. In-person tai chi classes have mostly stopped and many people are missing them. But tai chi teachers everywhere have gotten creative and are offering classes online using the Zoom app and other means.


We at the Tai Chi Foundation are right in step with this new trend with teachers in the US and Europe also offering classes using the Zoom app. The online classes are quite unique in that you are working alone at home but at the same time you can see lots of boxes on the computer screen with pictures of others also taking the class. (And when the class starts, you can just watch the teacher.)  Some classes have had up to 75 people!


Some of these classes are listed on our website at https://www.taichifoundation.org/civicrm/showevents


You can also ask your local teacher. To find a local TCF teacher check here: https://www.taichifoundation.org/locations


The Zoom program is easy to use. Here’s a helpful link.



In addition, the Tai Chi Foundation also has free tai chi videos and qigong on our website under Videos. And we also offer free seasonal qigong tunings which can be found at www.taichituning.com/video  The next one starts April 11 but you can join any time.


Tai chi promotes relaxation as it calms the mind and centers our emotions. In addition, the slow breathing is good for our lungs, bending the knees strengthens the legs, and focusing internally generates qi/energy. Daily practice will build your immune system. So, join with us and let’s generate some good health for ourselves.


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