The Tai Chi Foundation (TCF) is a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting, funding and teaching programs relating to the embodiment of tai chi and qigong. The School of Tai Chi Chuan (STCC), as a program of TCF, exists to carry on the teachings of Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing and his style of tai chi chuan as passed down through Patrick Watson.

Today, our school is composed of over 200 instructors teaching tai chi classes in 30 cities around the world. All teachers have gone through the school’s public curriculum and entered into teacher training, learning to teach the sequence of tai chi coursework according to the method developed by Patrick Watson. We gather together regularly to learn from Patrick’s senior teachers, the Legacy Holders, practicing tai chi chuan form, sensing hands and sword.

As a tai chi teaching school, our school prepares our teachers through a sequence of intensive trainings. Lifelong study helps our teachers maintain a consistency in their teaching and approach: students can study at any of our branches and receive the same careful attention to the principles and details of the tai chi form of Cheng Man-Ch’ing. This is a major benefit of our team-teaching method. If you move to another city or visit another country where TCF has a school you can fit right in and continue your studies since the method is the same everywhere. No longer will students of tai chi feel orphaned when their teacher moves away or passes on. Even if you started with a different teacher or tai chi form you will feel at home because TCF teaches principle-based tai chi chuan and qigong.

Our method provides students with a friendly setting where the focus is on tai chi principles and the clarity of the course material. Our students report that we teach with a balance of disciplined focus, relaxation, inspiration and humor.

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