This page will be updated with 2021 dates as soon as possible. This schedule is a snapshot of what you can expect from an Online Intensive event.

Summer Online Intensive 2020

Generating Qi Energy

Through Movement and Meditation

June 26 - 29


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Pre-recorded Presentations

The following video presentations are for your optional viewing in your own time.


    Bob Talks Anatomy

Two short presentations by Bob Etherington, on anatomy from a tai chi perspective.

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  Tea with Acupuncturists

Acupuncturists Edna Brandt and Clayton Spivey discuss the COVID medical crisis through the lens of Asian medicine.

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Other Info:

Music for 5 Elements by: Camiel van Zilfhout

Painings & Illustrations by: Johanna Koelman

From Edna: Here is a link and an attached pdf to a chapter in a book by one of my acupuncture teachers. He studied in the very early days with JR Worsley. It’s the best simple and accessible explanation of the 5E that I know.