Our work and teaching has made a difference in the lives of more than 100,000 people.

Some attend our programs for community, others attend for continued education and still others attend for health rewards. We thank our friends, teachers, students and associates who have given to TCF in the past, and who have helped form the future for our organization and community. We need your help to keep up our good work.

Did You Know?

Last year we benefited from the equivalent contribution of about 4 full-time, highly-skilled workers, resulting in approximately 8,000-plus hours in volunteer service a year from our committed board and members. At a modest pay rate of $25 an hour, this totaled about $200,000 in donated time. Probably more. There were the countless “invisible” hours and energy that our teachers gave to the organization in promotions, in increasing our student base through their excellent teaching, in giving input and feedback, and through attendance at trainings year after year that furthered their own growth and what they offered to our students. While this is a testament to TCF’s board of directors and their commitment, it still takes money to keep bringing our teaching to the world.

How is our budget spent?

Annual dues from members are about one-third of our total annual budget. We rely on fundraising and gifts to cover our shortfall through the generosity of teachers, students, friends and associates, to create dynamic education and training courses in tai chi chuan.

  • Development of new teaching methods and materials. TCF’s teaching curriculum is never stagnant. Your senior teachers and legacy holders work year-round to develop new, improved teaching methods, trainings and experience-ships for beginners and advanced students.
  • We provide capacity-building grants to tai chi schools, start-up funding for sponsored-trainings and scholarships.
  • Summer camp tuitions are kept reasonably low for the general public, often breaking-even. Winter trainings for teachers are conducted by the cream of the crop TCF faculty, who often work for less than half of their actual rate.
  • A robust website has been designed to meet our members’ needs. It is an investment in the future for TCF. This is how we communicate in a global community.


So when you consider a gift to your favorite non-profit or charity, think of TCF. Your donation dollars are spent wisely.