We believe we are unique in Spokane in our meditative schooled team approach to teaching the tai chi form. Tai chi is: a moving meditation for deep relaxation, grounded in tai chi principles for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being—a path to inner awareness.

Our teaching method is unique as developed in our international school by Patrick Watson with guidance from Cheng Man-Ch’ing. Our school comes with a concise curriculum. Our form classes are taught with a team of two or more certified instructors—so your attention can focus on the teaching, rather than the instructors personality, and there is always someone up-front to follow.

Tai chi is much more than a hobby for each of us—it is a path we expect to follow for a lifetime. Teaching is the way we can share our experience with you, and is also very important for our own learning.

We regularly attend summer and/or winter trainings often on the East Coast and/or in Europe to increase our skill and to enjoy our larger tai chi community.